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At Cadence Behavioral, we celebrate neurodiversity. We believe firmly in the intersection of social behavior and mental health. We prioritize individual needs and family systems. Our clinicians and behavior technicians carry this respect for all families, cultures, and experiences into the field. Cadence Behavioral also distinctly honors the diverse experiences, identities, and expressions of our staff.  


We are an actively anti-racist, anti-ableist, and anti-oppressive agency with a strong focus on cultural humility. Cadence Behavioral offers objective, non-pathologizing, and socially valid treatment options with specialization in trauma, Autism, differential learning, caregiver quality of life, family well-being, and behavioral assessment.


Cadence Behavioral offers support to individuals and families through both behavior analysis and psychotherapy. Consultation and direct services are offered virtually at this time.  School-based services as well as consultation for existing behavior and treatment plans are also provided. 

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