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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to postpone our summer workshops.  Below is a listing of previous workshops.  Please contact Cadence Behavioral directly for information about social skills groups and therapeutic groups offered remotely. 
Mindful Parenting for Neurodivergent Families
(this workshop is offered in two sections)
Functional Communication Skills Group
This family session will support the meaningful ways in which we make connections with our children through daily interactions, functional routines, and skills development.  Of priority will be patterns of support for caregivers through the incorporation of both behavior analytic methodologies and attachment-style approaches to parenting. Caregivers will meet in one space while children attend an individualized skills group focused on functional communication and practical skills.
Social Communication Skills Group
As a second section of the group described above, this family session will focus similarly on caregiver support and the incorporation of skills development through both behavior analytic methodologies and attachment-style approaches to parenting.  The distinction between the two groups is the children's skills development group that will run in tandem, in this case focused on the further development of social communication skills.
Siblings of Autistic Children 

Establishing Support Strategies & Collaborative Play Experiences
This peer group will consist of neurotypical siblings who share the powerful experience of having a sibling on the Autism spectrum.  The group will focus on validating the emotional challenges and day-to-day experience of siblings, placing priority on the development of skills for successful, sustained sibling interaction and peer relationships.
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