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Insurance-Funded Services

Canadian/NB Residents: We take Medavie BCBS insurance

USA/MA Residents: We provide superbills for out-of-network insurance 

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Rates                                                                   $      /    Hour

                      Initial Assessment & Intake                200/60 minutes
                      Individual/Family Therapy                180/50 minutes

                      Couples Therapy                             220/90 minutes
                      Behavioral Consultation                   180/50 minutes
                      Functional Behavioral Assessment 
    200/60 minutes
                      Family Wellbeing Assessment           300/60 minutes
                      Parent/Caregiver Consultation         180/60 minutes

                      Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)             220/60 minutes

                      Direct Behavioral Services               180/60 minutes

                      School Consultation                        180/ 60 minutes

                      Case Management                         180/ 60 minutes

                      Crisis Support                                200/60 minutes


Cadence Behavioral also offers reduced rates for services given individual need and review.  Reduced rates are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire directly if ability to pay is a concern for you or your family.

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